Mike Tamburo Sound Meditation Placentia

seventh chakra yoga, Placentia, CA

Gong concert with Mike Tamburo Friday, January 31st | 7-9pm $45 Pre_Reg | $55 Day of Placentia Studio ~30 Student limit~ Registration: https://bit.ly/34toQxC

A SOUND HEALING EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHER! Allow yourself to enter a timeless space of listening as Crown of Eternity's Mike Tamburo orchestrates his way through 40+ overtone rich instruments including Gongs, Bells, Hammered Dulcimer and tuned metal instruments. Listeners have described Mike Tamburo's music as an adventure in listening; sonic bliss; a deep and lasting vibrational rejuvenation for body and soul; a profound aesthetic experience; a journey through the senses and a perceptual rollercoaster. Allow yourself to be still and listen. Space is limited! Get your tickets in advance! Yoga mat, blanket, cushion are available at the studio but feel free to bring your own.

About Mike: Mike Tamburo has spent his life serving and exploring the power of music. His concerts and workshops are heart centered, uplifting, sonically multi dimensional, life affirming experiences that focus on self transformation through conscious listening and breathing. He lives in deep gratitude and joy that his life of music has had meaning and been of use to the world around him. He seeks peace and harmony in his life and hopes to share this peace with others through his music and teachings. www.soundseternal.com