Gong Explorations Workshop with Mike Tamburo & Thomas Orr Anderson

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infinite Flow @ Remember The Truth, 3125 Presedential Parkway Suite 300 (Third Floor) , Atlanta, GA 30340

Gong Explorations Workshop wIth Mike Tamburo and Thomas Orr Anderson.

Join Mike Tamburo and Thomas Orr Anderson for a sound workshop unlike any other. We will explore and experiment with the musical and the therapeutic potentials of the gong as players and as listeners. We will delve into the perception of and the science of sound, giving participants a well rounded and non-dogmatic approach to the gong as a tool for consciousness shifting and social change.

This is an exploratory and experiential workshop for all levels that will deepen one's gong practice and take participants to a new level in their playing and understanding of working with gong sound and gong music. This workshop invites the player to deepen their connection to the gong as a musical instrument capable of having broad effects on consciousness and asks the player to move beyond protocols into a music of the moment. Mike and Thomas will immerse participants in a series of creative exercises, group improvisations and meditative listening experiences. We will define and refine playing techniques, explore rhythm and dynamics, strengthen our listening and improvisational skills, learn loose composition and deepen our personal sonic vocabulary. As a group, we will explore blending our playing with multiple gongs and other musicians in the sonic field. We will compose and improvise together as a group. Most importantly we will have fun! All Levels welcome

Early Bird - $400 before 2/14 $500 (After 2/14)

Workshop Times 10am-7pm There will be a 90 minute lunch break each day around 1PM

Infinite Flow @ Remember Your Truth 3125 Presidential Parkway Suite 300 (Third Floor) Atlanta, GA 30340