Dig Deeper - Exploring Sonic Wisdom with Mitch Nur, Mike Tamburo and Thomas Orr Anderson

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Online Zoom Workshop, World Wide Web

Join Mitch Nur, Mike Tamburo and Thomas Orr Anderson for

❆・Dig Deeper - Exploring Sonic Wisdom ・❆

4-week Interactive Online Course Series... Exploring Different Perspectives on Topics Such as:

・Aesthetics・Science of Sound・Traditions・Techniques・Practices・Conscious Listening・Sound as Medicine・Wisdom・ReLearning・Sound Meditation・EthnoMusicology・History・Philosophy, Mysticism・Gathering・Community・InterPersonal Connection・New Perspectives on Music & Attention・Time, Space, & Vibration with Live Q&A・

・3 Sonic Personalities・3 Hour Gatherings・3 Days / Week・

Recordings of classes will be available for paid participants via private links.

Sign Up Here: www.digdeepersound.com